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    10 Dog Parks Near Marysville And In Snohomish County

    When you Google search “dog parks in Marysville, WA”, a list of parks in the area pops up thanks to the city of Marysville and Many homeowners are looking for awesome places to take their pets. It’s their chance to escape the family and socialize with other animal lovers.

    One of the area’s most loved parks is an off-leash dog park that has welcomed guests since late 2008. Strawberry Fields for Rover is located at 6100 152nd St. NE in north Marysville within the Strawberry Fields Athletic Complex. Open from 7 am to dusk every day, this space offers 3 acres of running room for your dog to roam free!

    10 Dog Parks Near Marysville And In Snohomish County

    Dog Park Features

    • Fenced off-leash play area
    • Double-gated entry
    • Parking in dirt lot at trailhead and main Strawberry Fields
    • Picnic tables and benches
    • Agility course
    • The “T-Bone” and other play structures
    • Small dog area inside for pets 25 lbs. and under
    • Three-tiered people/dogs drinking fountain
    • Additional trails for general public walking (dogs MUST be leashed outside off-leash park!)
    • Poop bags and dispensers
    • No entry fee
    • No permit required
    • Trees
    • Fire hydrant – dogs demanded at least one!

    Strawberry Fields For Rover was rated the area’s best dog park, but since there are parks spread throughout Snohomish County, why not become familiar with the places everyone is basically going to. We’re sure your pets would appreciate the adventure plus making some new friends!

    Dog Parks Near Marysville

    Yelp is known for reviews and dog parks are 100% included in their platform. Click the links below to view nine of the top dog parks near Marysville.

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