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    11 Secrets for Sellers in Seattle

    When it comes to showing homes, Real Estate Solutions Group has seen it all. From the good, the bad and the ugly, we know what works and what does not work. Our team here at Real Estate Solutions Group compiled a list of 11 secrets for staging your home in Seattle so that you get the most traffic through your home and sell your home at the best price possible.

    Secret #11 – Give those walls a fresh coat of paint! A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in the appeal of your home. Try and avoid such colors as “Grandma’s Sweater” and “Flamingo Dream”, yes those are actual unfortunate names of paint colors! Seattle home

    Secret #10 – Brighten up the place with some light. After location, good light is something that almost every buyer looks for in a home. So take down those drapes, clean your windows, increase the wattage of your light bulbs and trim down those bushes outside to let in some natural light.

    Secret #9 – Put away the critters. Not everyone is a dog or cat lover. Buyers do not want to walk into a home and be welcomed with a waft of cat litter or see a bowl of dog food in the kitchen. It gives the impression that your home is not clean and will deter potential buyers.

    Secret #8 – Stage the exterior of your home. Give the outside of your home a fresh coat of paint, bring out some outdoor patio furniture and trim up the landscaping. Buyers often fantasize about entertaining guests in their backyard so make that dream seem closer to reality with a great looking exterior.

    Secret #7 – Buyers can be a little snoopy when they’re looking through a home so make sure all storage areas and closets are neat and tidy. If you are unable to even open your storage closet without an explosion of clutter than you may want to do some reorganizing.

    Secret #6 – Pretend you are moving out. Take down picture frames, crafts/drawings from your kids, religious décor, memorabilia, and any other personal belongings. Buyers want to be able to picture themselves in your home and that can be difficult to do with someone else’s personal belongings in the way of that image.

    Secret #5 – Let your neighbors choose their neighbors. Invite your neighbors to the open house and create a block party. Your neighbors may know of potential buyers who want to live in the area and they can help you find those prospective buyers. Seattle home

    Secret #4 – Connect on Social Media. RESG posts many our listings on Facebook with our almost 2,000 followers making it a great tool for getting exposure for your home. Just imagine if you shared your home on your Facebook with your 200 friends and then if even just a couple people shared it with their 200 friends and so on.

    Secret #3 – Homes that don’t get shown don’t get sold. Make it easy for your agent to get access to showing your home to potential buyers.

    Secret #2 – Price it right. Your agent will have a pretty good idea of what your home is worth so make sure you keep that in mind when dealing with offers. We are here to sell your home for the best possible price but we also want to make sure your home does get sold.

    Secret #1 – Listen to your agent. Find an experienced agent with a successful track record of selling homes in your area and listen to their recommendations! Check out the agents here at RESG and see if we can help sell your home.

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