4 of The Best Places To Eat In & Around Everett

    New homeowners in Snohomish County may or may not know where to eat in their area. If you don’t cook meals at home frequently, eating out can become expensive or get boring pretty quickly. We did some research into the best overall places to eat and came up with one hell of a list. RESG can’t wait to start trying each of these spots out and will continue to update you throughout each experience.

    Boiling Point

    Boiling Point is known for delicious Asian soups. Proving to be much more than just a catchy name, the BP team has mastered the art of Taiwanese soups, served on top of a flame and cooked fresh in front of you.

    4 of The Best Places To Eat In & Around Everett

    Polska Kuchnia

    The owners of this company launched their Polish pierogi dumplings at two farmer’s markets in Arlington and Port Susan and have since opened up their restaurant near the Amtrak platform in downtown Stanwood. This place is without a doubt one of the best places to get food in all of Snohomish County.

    4 of The Best Places To Eat In & Around Everett

    Soundview Bar & Grill

    Dive bars have a special place in our hearts. We’ve been going to Soundview for some time now and thoroughly enjoy each experience. Stepping back in time, this bar was active with people playing pool and sipping local beers. They even have a fancy digital jukebox that keeps the vibe right.

    4 of The Best Places To Eat In & Around Everett

    Choux Choux

    This is a wonderful bakery located in Everett. A beautiful website and inspirational story comes to life in the form of delicious flavors and smells that warm the senses.

    “Stretching, Pulling, Shaping, Proofing.

    Creaming, Whisking, Folding, Baking.

    Layering, Sheeting, Cutting, Rolling.

    Yum…Flaky Pastry


    This is what I love
    This is what I do.”

    Rachel Schreffler

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