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    4 Reasons To Move To Gold Bar Involving The Outdoors

    Fan of skiing or snowboarding? Kayaking, base-jumping, hiking, or rock-climbing? Gold Bar is one of our hidden gems that is a convenient jumping-off point to enjoying your outdoor obsessions. Gold Bar features an affordable living-cost, high-potential to own your own property, and is your home-base for the PNW outdoor experience!

    Here are RESG’s four favorite activities we typically end up in Gold Bar for anyways.

    Steven’s Pass

    An essential aspect of what it means to be a true PNW local is to hike up a mountain covered in powder and go on the ride of your life to the bottom. Steven’s Pass offers a more diverse terrain that gives riders a more challenging, yet enjoyable riding experience than other available mountains such as Snoqualmie Pass. This is why people will drive the extra mile for a mountain with better terrain and better snowpack.

    Check out their website today and get your season pass before it’s too late!

    Skykomish River

    Fan of a little bit more of an intense float down a river? Skykomish is within a stone’s throw of Gold Bar and offers a truly memorable experience. Located in Monroe (another fine town represented by RESG…) the Skykomish River is a Washington river which drains the west side of the Cascade Mountains in the southeast section of Snohomish County and the northeast corner of King County. Here’s a fun video of an extreme run down the Skykomish!

    Gold Bar Bouldering

    This area actually features a sought-after terrain for skilled bouldering enthusiasts. Arguably the best bouldering near Seattle! There may currently be access issues, but look into it and see for yourself! The boulders are great; angular-cut granite with excellent friction—easy to sink your fingers in to. Being on the West Side—moss can grow back quickly. So if you think you have cleaned off a new problem, please check the guidebooks carefully and ask around—it might be an older problem that has grown over.

    Here are some videos of fun excursions into these amazing terrains!

    Cliff Jumping

    Gold Bar has every niche outdoor activity you’ve ever dreamt of! There are many testimonials on the internet of people highly enjoying this location specifically for cliff jumping. Not only is Gold Bar an affordable, quiet, serene, still vibrant enough to have all your shopping and entertainment needs, and has laudable outdoor destinations? Sounds like Gold Bar might be your new home! Look into Eagle Falls swimming hole/big drop from the top!

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