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    4 Things First-Time Home Buyers Need to Know about Home Inspections

    Most first-time home buyers don’t know the importance of a home inspection prior to buying their home. An agent may recommend a home inspection but most home buyers don’t know what that actually means for them.

    Home InspectionA home inspection can provide education about the home’s systems and can be a crucial tool in negotiating the most equitable price on the home.  Kathleen Kuhn, President of HouseMaster said “40% of resale homes have at least one defect that can cost a home buyer a minimum of $500 to repair.” A home inspection by a qualified inspector can encourage home sellers to make repairs or make further price adjustments as a result of conditions noted on the inspection report


    1. Tag along on the inspection: A home inspection is not only a list of what is wrong with the home, it is also a chance for you to see how to operate various systems in the home. Inspectors can also provide tips on improving energy efficiency and maintaining the home.

    2. Inspect ancillary systems: Be sure to ask the inspector what additional services the company offers. Some systems, septic for example, is sometimes not covered under a traditional inspection so you may have to coordinate that separately. Generally, the company will offer you a multiple services discount and the convenience of only having one appointment.

    3. Inspect the inspector: Just like you research your home before hand, you should also inspect your inspector. Ask how long the company has been in business, ask about specific formal training and ongoing education the inspector has and verify the inspector carries professional liability insurance.

    4. Ask for a sample of the report: It is important to look over the report ahead of time. A poorly prepared report without pictures or concise details is less likely to be taken seriously by a home seller.

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