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    4 Ways To Add Value To Your Home Before You Sell

    The subject of selling a home applies to a few. You could be a homeowner finally deciding to make the big move to your next major living situation. Or you could be sprucing up the place to flip it as quickly as possible. You could have been renting the place out for a while until the market improved and now it’s the right time to sell.


    Either way you spin it, you’re setting out to up the value of your home before you set the listing price. This can be difficult because you’re looking to appeal to the taste of potential buyers, so you have to forego personal preferences to a certain degree. You need to hone in on what will have the widest appeal to the biggest pool of buyers.


    To assist in this process we’ve put together four ways you can boost the value of your home without too much fuss before it goes on the market. The key word here is maximizing return on your hopefully minimal investment to fix things up.

    Curb Appeal

    When a buyer is first approaching your home—what do they see? Their first impression is immediately formed in this moment and can largely dictate how inclined they feel to enter. The warmth, safety, and inviting nature of the inside of your home should be visible on the outside as well. Consider the lighting, landscaping, and last fresh coat of paint the house has seen. A freshly mowed lawn with new seed planted, along with a nice new paint job can go a long way.

    Immediate Maintenance Issues

    When you’re walking around inside and outside the house ask yourself this—does everything work? We’re talking lights, sinks, drains, roofs, decks, and floors. Is anything in need of replacement? Replacing light switches and putting new shower heads on can be an easy DIY task along with many other simple appliance maintenance. Any major issues could cause you a lot of aches and pains upon the inspection of your home.

    Kitchens Count

    Hands-down this is the number one interest largely on the common buyer’s mind according to countless real estate professionals. Your home’s kitchen could end up the selling-point for getting the deal closed quickly. As the heart of the home, buyers naturally seek a well laid out kitchen. Stainless steel appliances and a few pops of color or personal touches are your best bet for mass appeal and adding a little personality to the space.


    It also serves to do some research on other homes selling for big bucks in your local market. See how their kitchen is set up to gain further insight on what buyers in your area are favoring. Striking a balance between something that will stand-out without draining your pocketbook too heavily is where you want to be.

    Bathrooms Too!

    This is the other key feature of your home that buyers will have their eyes on. We currently live in an extremely high-stress world so it’s only natural that people seek the escape and solitude of a luxurious bathroom. Again, you don’t need to break the bank, but upgrading a few key features can really make it shine.


    Consider a new shower head, or even stone floor tiling. Going crazy with something like heated floors or a speaker system is allowed, but not necessary. Sticking to a fresh new countertop and affordable lighting is a great way to uplift the space on a budget.

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