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    5 Exciting Activities In Downtown Everett

    If you’re considering moving to Everett, Washington you’re going to absolutely love what the beautiful area has to offer. From the incredible scenery to a short drive to downtown Seattle, to being one of the safest places to raise a family, Everett has been a very popular up and coming place to live within the Snohomish County boundaries.


    With Seattle just a short drive away, many people love the comfort of having their own space and a home with quick access to a thriving city. With downtown just 25 short miles away, you’ll love the accessibility!



    You’ll be living right near the focus of aviation. Everett, Washington is the official headquarters for Boeing. This is where most of the commercial planes you ride on are made! With that said, there is a great Future Of Flight Tour and museum that you can check out. This exhibits the history of aviation past and present and is a place where you can tour of the assembly process.


    Everett is a great real estate investment. With prices for real estate on the uprise, what you’ll be finding out is that numbers have risen as much as 15% within the last year! Researchers project that there will another 5% increase this year as well. It’s best if you grab some property in the Everett now versus later!



    If you’re into boating, Everett’s marina is the largest on the West Coast! If you’ve ever wanted to get into boating or dreamt of having one, now is your lucky time. You can join one of the many boating, yacht or sailing clubs around the area. Along with that, the salmon fishing is top tier. With the many Coho salmon that return to the streams of Everett, will have you with an excess of fishing opportunity!


    The beauty about the Northwest is the mid-climate temperatures! You’ll hear people complain about the weather, but what is beautiful is that the weather is always fair. It ranges from the 30s to the 80s throughout the year. There are times when it can dip below or higher than those numbers, but it is rare. Enjoy the easy living up here in the Northwest today!  


    The beauty of Everett is that you won’t have to visit Las Vegas in order to get rid of your gambling bug. With the number of casinos nearby you’ll have a large variety to choose from! You’ll never be short of games, entertainment and wonderful dining.


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