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    5 Technologies Impacting The Real Estate Market In 2018

    It’s no secret that the internet has caused an epic amount of change to the way people buy and sell literally anything. The real estate market is no different. People are largely doing all of their research and buying online, and avoiding many traditional selling-avenues such as phone calls and person-to-person interactions.


    Statistics from the National Association of Realtors report that in 2017 over 56% of buyers 36 and younger are solely buying online. With numbers like these, it’s in the best interest of any buyer to stay current, and competitive. We’ve compiled five technologies available to aid in reeling in your clients online and elsewhere.

    Social Media & Search Engines

    Utilizing social media and search engine tools such as Facebook, and Google can make a huge impact. The big data that these sites source has made it incredibly easy to pinpoint the exact kind of buyer you’re trying to reach.


    Facebook Targeted Ads have proven to yield some of the most useful results for some of our campaigns. Google recently beefed up their pay-per-click marketing capabilities, and also offer a tool called Google Analytics that can track a lot of useful data for your own website.

    Data Management Systems

    Modern software in the real estate industry has been propelling us forward, and away from paper and spreadsheets. New systems now exist to collect, process, and store critical data, streamlining what used to be a lot of tedious work. Financing, acquisitions, development, and fundraising all benefit from these newer, more efficient systems.


    These innovations have allowed firms to manifest actionable insights, and much smoother programmatic portfolio management and transaction execution. Embracing data management software systems is rapidly propelling many younger firms ahead towards success in the modern age.


    Face-to-face interactions largely existed in real estate to sign the important documents and secure payments from buyer to seller. These interactions that often take minute planning are being slowly eliminated by the evolution of the e-signature.


    E-signatures are taking over previously time-consuming interactions because it takes stress off both parties. The seller is presumably busy, and the buyer wants to make sure they’ve had time to fully review all documents presented to them. The e-signature allows both parties the time to get everything cleared up while still meeting compliance and providing an audit trail.


    Named one of the best 50 apps by Times, CamScanner is an invaluable tool to be an agent on-the-go. This app turns your phone’s camera into a scanner that can record, and share any document you scan. A veritable game-changer for the real estate industry, you can remotely execute documents required to close deals and conduct business.


    CamScanner is innovating the way agents wholesale properties, and search for and vet investment properties. The future of real estate is largely going to reside online, and interactions occurring remotely more than in-person. Location no longer an issue.

    Video Emailing

    As previously mentioned, location is no longer a factor in closing a sale. You can sell from literally anywhere in the world, for anywhere in the world. A popular tool for video emails is BombBomb, that allows you to operate through Gmail, mobile, and web. Sending small videos for your clients to view can aid in explaining any particular document, and makes it feel more personal for them!

    Contact us to talk more about social media and Washington real estate opportunities.

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