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    8 Hosting Mistakes to Avoid


    One of the greatest joys of owning a home is having a place for friends and family during the holidays. Tasty food, conversation, festive decorations, what could go wrong? Well, here are 8 party fouls you should avoid this holiday season.

    Mistake 1: Difficult Directions

    Avoid frustrated and angry guests by providing an address to all of your guests. Double check the address and house number to make sure it is correct before sending it off to guests. You don’t want your guests ending up at your neighbor’s house! In addition to an address, it may be beneficial to your guests to have directions from their location to your homes.

    Mistake 2: Running out of Food

    It’s better to have more food than needed, than leave your guests hungry. Make sure to stock up with more than you think you’ll actually need. One of the best parts of holiday dinners is the leftovers! Extra food can be given to guests as a parting gift or can be kept and reheated for yourself.

    Stock up on paper goods as well. Avoid an awkward situation and make sure your bathroom is fully stocked with toilet paper, soap and hand towels.

    If you are finding it difficult to accommodate for the extra supplies and guests this holiday season because you do not have enough space, could it be time to upgrade your home?Home

    Mistake 3: Neglecting your Guests

    As the host, it’s your job to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and welcome. Introduce everyone and get conversations started. When planning seating arrangements, thinks about your guests’ personalities and place them accordingly so that people can meet new friends, find common ground and chat happily throughout the meal.

    Music is also a great filler and can help set the mood for the evening.

    Mistake 4: What’s on the Menu?

    Plan your menu with guests in mind. If some guests have dietary restrictions, make sure that at least some of the food you serve will fit their needs. If you’re serving alcohol, be aware of how much guests are drinking—you don’t want people to drive away from your party and into a light pole! Not everyone will enjoy a glass of wine with dinner; have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages available, too.

    Mistake 5: Not Making the Theme Clear

    Everyone gets nervous about being the only one dressed up at a holiday party. If you want guests to wear cocktail attire or keep it casual, make that clear on the invite. And if you choose a theme, offer some ideas of clothing that fits that theme, and encourage everyone to participate (perhaps offering a raffle ticket or prize to those who do). Have extra costumes on hand for those who forget.

    Mistake 6: Forgetting the Logistical Details

    1.If parking is difficult in your neighborhood, encourage people to use public transportation or taxis, or hire a valet service if you want to go above and beyond!

    2.Salt your driveway and walkway and make sure they are well-lit to avoid falls.

    3.If you want guests to take off their shoes, put up a sign saying so, and offer a shoe rack.

    4.Rent or purchase a pop-up coat rack to give people a place to store their coats.

    5.Borrow camping chairs or other portable chairs from friends to have plenty of seating.

    6.Stock up on toilet paper and put the extra rolls in a visible place in your bathroom, check the soap and plug in a holiday scent to keep the room smelling fresh.

    7.Use disposable plates, cups, napkins and cutlery to avoid piles of dirty dishes.

    8.Leave trash cans around your home with extra bags nearby.

    9.Purchase cleaning wipes for carpets, counters and clothing in case of spills.

    Mistake 7: Expecting People to Entertain Themselves

    cardsAfter an hour of mingling, most guests will be looking for something to do. Planned activities and games can break the ice and keep a party from going stale. Here are a few suggestions:

    •A goodie swap: Each guest brings a batch of cookies, a favorite holiday treat, or a set of ornaments (for example), and leaves with a mix of the same number of items.

    •Unwrap the gift game: Wrap a nice gift in many layers of wrapping paper. Each guest rolls two dice,

    •Craft station: Set up an area where guests can construct their own gingerbread house, decorate cookies or create an ornament

    •Trivia: Divide people into teams and create trivia questions that guests can relate to; inside jokes or favorite family moments are highly encouraged!

    •Board or card games: If your party has 10 people or fewer, consider playing a party game such as Cards Against Humanity, Spoons or Catch Phrase once everyone has arrived.

    •Caroling: Hand out the lyrics to common holiday songs and go caroling!

    Mistake 8: Forgetting to Relax

    During the party, keep everything in perspective. If dinner doesn’t turn out exactly the way you’d like, someone spills red wine on your carpet, guests show up late… no worries. Remember the reason that you decided to host a party in the first place—to enjoy friends or family. Take a deep breath, smile and move on. Otherwise your guests will be really uncomfortable while you rant and rage.

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