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    Some of The Best Authentic Meals You Can Have In Marysville, WA

    The greater Seattle area is culturally diverse, and there is no better proof of that than looking at all the different restaurants. We’re lucky enough that you can grab authentic meals from a wide variety of cultures. When you’re bored of your go-to spots or too tired to cook at home, here are some restaurants to try that serve authentic meals. You can find authentic flavors from Texas, Mexico, and China right here in Marysville.

    Good Taste

    good taste Chinese food marysville

    This is the place to go for Chinese food. They offer dishes like almond chicken, pho bo soup. If you’re feeling adventurous, choose the chef’s choice and the cooks whip you up something special. They serve meals individually, or family style where you get large amounts to serve amongst your group.

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    LA Hacienda

    la hacienda mexican food marysville

    Growing up eating Mexican food my entire life, there are few things that make me feel more at home. LA Hacienda serves up the dishes I grew up eating, and they’re spot on. Carnitas, Tacos al Carbon are great choices. The Reuben’s Special is also a great choice, Mexican surf and turf served on a bed sautéed mushrooms, peppers and onions. How can you go wrong with that?

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    Jeff’s Texas Style BBQ

    jeffs bbq marysville texas

    Finding authentic southern BBQ in northern Washington sounds crazy, but it exists. Jeff tasted his first Texas BBQ in 1995 and realized it wasn’t just barbequed meat slathered in meat. He hasn’t looked back since. When Jeff returned to Washington and started serving smoked meat with the juices soaking through the butcher paper, the only way BBQ should be served. Grab lunch by yourself or get your next get together catered and enjoy the taste of Texas right here in Marysville.

    Check Out The Menu Here

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