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    Create Videos To Help Promote Your Open Houses and Other Real Estate Opportunities

    Have you noticed how much real estate content is really out there? Try searching Google images for real estate in your area and you’ll come across an overwhelming number of images that constantly rotate in and out.

    Since the industry has become so saturated with lower quality content, the way to stand out is to create higher-level images and videos. One of the best ways you can help your opportunities get found is to create a short video that details whatever you’re selling.

    If you’re reading this and you’re not already using Facebook or Instagram for advertising, you’re definitely late to the game.

    Youtube? No?! It’s worse than we thought.

    Since you’re here and seeing this now, it is time you start creating better content. It is truly as simple as setting your phone on a stable surface and recording you talking about the opportunity.

    If you can download iMovie or a simple video editing app, you could literally create a video in less than thirty minutes.  The largest companies pay millions of dollars for social media, professional photos, commercial videos, and advertising, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

    As an agent, you should consider a few things.

    We recommend posting 1-2 pieces of real estate content per day. Post your open houses on Instagram and LinkedIn, and make sure you engage with people who are looking for homes in Facebook groups. Posting photos and commenting on the right threads can really help you build relationships and generate leads.

    For Youtube, the content you post will actually exist on the internet in a more efficient way. You’re going to want to film yourself talking through the opportunity and infusing photos into the video. Stable images will help to connect your dialogue to the actual opportunity!

    Contact us to talk more about social media and Washington real estate opportunities.

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