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    Drive Through Grocery Store Coming To Seattle? (Amazon)

    drive through grocery store in seattle

    Drive through’s, the American way.  Get dinner in a matter of minutes, deposit your paycheck without leaving the car, or grab your prescription medication instantly.  We are Americans and we don’t have time to waste and we definitely don’t stand up and get out of seat for anything!  Now, Amazon is planning its first drive through grocery store.  As if Uber Eats delivering your food wasn’t enough you will soon be able to get all of your shopping done online and retrieve your grocery list in a drive through setting.  Local e-commerce giant Amazon, has plans to get you what you need quicker, more efficient, and with less stress than ever.

    Plans have popped up online that were registered with the city of Seattle for a mysterious ‘Project X.’  Apparently everyone working on the project’s site and residents of the surrounding area have no real idea of what is being built.  We do know that the same architect that designed Amazon’s proposed drive through grocery stores in the Bay Area and their Prime Now delivery hub in Seattle, is also noted as the architect for Ballard’s “Project X.”

    amazon drive through grocery store

    Redesigning how we order online with free two day shipping (and in some cases free shipping within a few hours in Seattle), Amazon wants to redesign how we obtain our groceries.  According to documents filed with the city, this is how the process will work:

    When placing an online order, customers will schedule a specific 15-minute to two-hour pick up window. Peak time slots will sell out, which will help manage traffic flow within the customer parking adjacent to the building. When picking up purchased items, customers can either drive into a designated parking area with eight parking stalls where the purchased items will be delivered to their cars or they can walk into the retail area to pick up their items. Customers will also be able to walk into the retail room to place orders on a tablet. Walk in customers will have their products delivered to them in the retail room.

    There has been a lot of concern about increased traffic in both California’s proposed brick and mortar sites as well as Ballard’s Project X location.  Seattle has experienced an enormous boom from the tech sector and new apartments and condos have been built up like Legos in support of this population growth.  Seattle has 23 high rise buildings underway and the city’s downtown density has already spread to it’s outer rims in areas like Ballard.  Not only has Ballard’s real estate market boomed, the amount of people per square mile has taken off greatly as well.  Traffic and population density levels are already high and Ballard residents are worried about Amazon’s Project X worsening resident’s ability to drive in the area.

    The hours of operation are expected to be 7 a.m. to 10 p.m, and at peak times there will be 15 employees working.  With three to five people dedicated to bringing orders out to parked cars and a limited amount of available pick ups is expected to not increase the area’s traffic.  Who is excited for a new way to grocery shop?  You won’t be able to forget to get something at the store nor waste time going through the unneeded snack isle over and over.


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