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    How To Use LinkedIn For Real Estate

    The Real Estate industry has become saturated with content and social media advertising. If you’re reading this and you’re not already using Facebook or Instagram for advertising, you’re definitely late to the game. Since you’re here now and seeing this, now is the time to consider using LinkedIn for networking and lead generation.

    Leveraging social media and cracking each platform’s networking code is crucial to many of the biggest and best companies that exist today. The largest companies pay millions of dollars for social media, professional photos, commercial videos, and advertising for most of the content too.

    Unless you’ve got a massive budget and a great understanding of Facebook and Instagram’s advertising platform, one of the best places you can connect with people nowadays is actually LinkedIn. The majority of LinkedIn’s user base is focused on business or hoping to become a legitimate addition to the professional workforce.

    There are a few different ways we recommend using LinkedIn when it comes to Real Estate. Today we’re going to focus on just one of the ways we leverage the platform.

    As an agent, you should consider a few things.

    If you were using the platform before you became an agent, we recommend posting 1-2 pieces of real estate content per day. This content should be in addition to other business news and photos with text that shares value to your network.

    If you’re a new agent or an experienced one and you’re creating a LinkedIn with the sole purpose of leveraging it for Real Estate, the process is still fairly simple. Agents or brands should post 1-2 pieces of real estate specific content each day. We recommend 1-2 photos or one photo and something with video content. This content should be integrated with local news, national news, and trending topics that relate to the industry.

    Contact us to talk more about social media and Washington real estate opportunities.

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