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    Not Quite Ready To Buy But Tired Of Renting? New Lease To Own Program!


    You could start out as a renter and end up as an owner with a new ‘lease with right to purchase’ program.  You pick your home, Home Partners purchases it, and if you can purchase the home during your lease!

    Home Partners of America is offering a unique program that was created to provide a new path to home ownership for those that may not qualify for a traditional mortgage.  This program is perfect if you haven’t quite qualified for a loan, have damaged credit, or you are unable to purchase a home at the current moment but are tired of the renting game.  The lease with right to purchase program lets YOU find YOUR dream home and sign a lease while working towards purchasing.

    You can now move into the home you want to live in and set the path to home ownership on your own terms.  What happens if you move in and plans change towards the end of your lease? Your not even obligated to purchase the home and can walk away from the purchase.


    More Info On Home Partners of America Lease To Own Program

    During Home Partners ‘lease with right to purchase’ program you are able to lease a home for up to five years (only three in Texas).  This provides ample time to save up extra money, clear up your credit, or get your life in order to purchase that dream home all while living in it the whole time!  Our team has done two deals with Home Partners of America in Snohomish County and their all cash offers are very lucrative to sellers.

    Give us a call if your curious about your real estate options and if Home Partners of America may work for you!


    There are plenty of homes eligable for purchase through this program in Marysville, Everett, Lynnwood, Bothell, Lake Stevens, and more!

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