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    Here’s How The New Hwy 99 Tunnel Will Work In Downtown Seattle

    Seattle traffic is changing by what seems the month. The January closing of the SR 99 Viaduct marks the end of an era. Enter the new 99 Tunnel “under the city.”

    One of the best views of Seattle, day or night, is riding the Viaduct above the waterfront amongst the lower portions of Seattle’s waterfront skyscrapers. This has also been the only way to bypass I5 traffic on your commute into or out of the downtown area. What used to be a historic bridge-like structure is gone forever in favor of a new 2-mile long tunnel under the city of Seattle. The tunnel only has an entrance and exit that are further north and south than previous, gone are the multiple outlets and inlets on the Viaduct. The tunnel will be free upon opening but moving to be tolled later in 2019 (estimated around summer time).

    “Toll rates will range from $1 to $2.25 with a Good To Go! pass, depending on time of day.”

    Watch the below videos from the WSDOT to find out just how the tunnel will work!

    Driving North

    Driving South

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