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    Three Reasons You NEED To Eat At Nick’s Jr Burgers in Everett

    nicks jr burgers everett

    This past week the team tried Nick’s Jr burgers in Everett for the first time. After having Nick’s show up on our Yelp searches time and time again, the office decided to check out the hype. They amassed a 4.5 rating on Yelp with over 450 reviews. That’s a lot of positive reviews for a smaller local burger place.

    My co-worker ordered the Chicken Deluxe and as I was tempted to follow suit, the girl behind the counter recommended a first timer try one of their beef patty offerings. I chose to go with the Nick’s Deluxe burger and soon found myself in burger heaven. If you have yet to experience this beautiful blend of flavor, here are three reasons you should check out Nick’s Jr Burgers in Everett!

    1. Nick’s Deluxe @ Nick’s Jr Burgers

    nicks jr burgers everett

    The “fresh and never frozen” grabbed my attention, but the $6.99 price point for the Nick’s Deluxe sold me. The Nick’s Deluxe has two patties and everything on it, this is a real deal burger with some serious size! Quality meat and great seasoning is rarely found at this price, but Nick’s delivers.


    2. The French Fries

    nicks jr burgers fries

    Ok everyone does fries. A lot of people do fries well. Nick’s does fries great! Fresh cut potatoes with yet another excellent job of seasoning, these are outstanding. They come with a fry sauce and we would recommend sticking to that (it comes standard for a reason).


    3. The GCBC (Grilled Cheese Bacon Cheeseburger)

    nicks jr burgers everett grilled cheese

    If the “regular” old Nick’s Deluxe doesn’t catch your eye, this will! A bacon cheeseburger sans the traditional bun, slabbed between two grilled cheese sandwiches. This is a lot of food!

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