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    Record Rainfall In Seattle!

    Seattle rainfall

    It is no secret that the Pacific Northwest is known for it’s rain.  Over the course of the last month if you have found yourself saying “there sure is a lot of rain right now,” your senses have not betrayed you.  The Seattle rainfall record has been broken for the month of October.  While we have grown accustomed to seeing rain drops for the majority of Fall and Winter, the Amazon city hasn’t seen rain like this during the month of October for over 15 years!

    On Saturday, Seattle had it’s 23rd day of measurable rainfall during the month.  The previous record of 8.96 inches in October of 2003 was beat on Saturday with 9 inches of rain this October.  In 2003 the city experienced 5.02 inches of rain in a single day making this month’s feat even more incredible.


    As of around 2am Monday the 31st Seattle has had 9.39 inches of rain fall for the month of October.  According to Komo News the normal amount of rainfall for this month is 3.31 inches.  That is 25 days with recorded rainfall in one month!

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