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    Scary Statistics for Seattle Homebuyers

    RESG would like to know from you, Seattle homebuyers, would you live in a home that had been previously haunted by a vengeful ghost? Does the idea of an exorcism excite you? Are you more frightened by wallpaper than a “666” address? Well you are not alone. Halloween is right around the corner and with this season comes thoughts of ghosts, ghouls and Chucky dolls.

    Haunted HouseMost people would not willingly seek out a home that is haunted but what if your dream home just happened to be the site of a former crime scene? Would you still purchase the home? According to a survey conducted by Trulia, 59% of homebuyers said a former crime scene would indeed frighten them off a for-sale home. What’s almost as frightening as a crime scene? Proximity to highways or freeways. According to the survey, 52% of homebuyers would be frightened away from a home that is near a highway or freeway.

    Now, what about cemeteries? According to the survey, graveyards do not kill the deal. If everything else matched a homebuyers needs then 54% would still by a home near a cemetery.

    What’s even more shocking is the type of ghoul or goblin that people prefer to be haunted by. 41% of people said they would actually prefer to be haunted by a vengeful ghost than other ghouls or goblins. Apparently Casper is no longer a desired house guest.

    The most shocking of all? 9% of people said they would sell their soul for more square footage. While we do not recommend striking a deal with the devil, we do understand how valuable that square footage can be!

    *These survey findings were taken from Trulia-

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