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    Seattle Sonics Coming Back? Chris Hansen Makes Proposal To City

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    Ever since the legendary Seattle Supersonics left the city of Seattle in 2008, fans have cried out for a new hoop squad.  Chris Hansen has become the poster child for the ‘Save Our Sonics’ movement.  Hansen has done it all; putting investors together, making bids on potential teams for sale, and presenting proposal after proposal to City council.  The movement gained momentum when Steve Balmer joined the crew, but that momentum subsequently fell when he purchased the Los Angeles Clippers.

    More recently Hansen has revived some steam after pledging to fund the entire bid for a new arena with private funding.  One of the main issues holding back the NBA granting Seattle an expansion team is not having an adequate space for a team to play.  Even before the Seattle Sonic’s were shipped off to Oklahoma City there was a high demand to replace Key Arena as the team’s hardwood battleground.

    Payton and Kemp seattle sonics
    Seattle Sonics great’s Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp

    Although the vision for an NBA return to the emerald city has been fogged at times, hoop fans can only help that Mr. Hansen will not rest until he brings the Supersonics back.  A new arena is looking like our only obstacle but the city and Port of Seattle have major issues over the area for the proposed construction.  Concern over heightened traffic in the already immensely crowded Sodo area have brought legitimize issues among numerous groups.  Hansen has pledged to donate millions to finish road projects in the area and put in a new overpass.

    bring back the seattle sonics

    Seattle has long been a hotbed for NBA talent in our AAU and high school programs.  Jamal Crawford brings NBA players to Seattle every summer for his Pro-Am League.  While an NBA return seems to have taken the majority of the media spotlight, the word is an NHL team will probably be the first team to inhabit the proposed new arena.  Regardless if professional hockey comes to Seattle first or not, hoop fans have a hero.  Chris Hansen is that hero.

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