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    Top 10 Reasons To Sell Your Home

    These are the humorous and not so humorous reasons why some people are determined to move. Of course these don’t cover the usual stories of relocation, buying a first home, divorce, marriage and just we are tired of our home.

    10. They want to move farther from your in-laws so that they can stop seeing them at the house all day on Sundays so that they can watch more football in peace.Commute

    9. They must get closer to work. The commute is making them really grumpy and they find themselves coming home later and later and to an empty house because their family is off doing fun things.

    8. They are dating someone that they like and they find that they are getting more and more geographically undesirable for that person.

    7. They need more space for their latest collection of whatever? Everything from collector cars to beanie babies that are in over 5 rooms of the house.

    Home6. The neighbors brought home their new pet – Sam the goat.

    5. They called the police because they thought they had a burglar and it took the police over 1 hour to get to their home.

    4. They are getting solicited for “a date” at their local grocery store.

    3. The neighbors let their kids party all night in the street and then act like they are the bad neighbor for having a problem with them partying all night.

    2. There is a ghost in the house.

    1. The neighbor has pointed a gargoyle at their home.



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